A gift for everyone Primatis

Business is business

Although mainly symbolic, a gift never goes unnoticed. When a client receives a quality gift at no additional cost, it transforms their purchase into a positive business relationship.

By driving traffic and upping your brand's conversion rate, gifts are true triggers for sales.

An evocative tool

A promotional gift is more than a mere marketing tool. It forms a special bond between your brand and your clients. Just like discounts and loyalty cards, customers expect and even keep an eye out especially for gifts.

They're not a tacky scam; they're a strong expression of your brand's identity. Primatis
Why give your clients gifts

Your clients are your best ambassadors

Reward your clients' loyalty and they will become your number one ambassadors. A quality gift will be on show in town, at the beach, on journeys...

It will boost your brand's visibility and keep it at the forefront of your clients' and prospective clients' minds. Gifts can even generate media coverage!

ROI is yours for the taking!

Whether they're practical, fun or just look nice, the gifts you give your clients say a lot about your brand's character. So don't neglect them! You should view these gifts as a real investment that will bolster and expand your client base.

With the right promotional strategy, ROI is a sure thing.
increase its turnover

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The companies who place their trust in us operate in the distance sales and specialist retail industry in sectors as diverse as fashion, print media, jewellery and cosmetics.

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